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Super Mario Galaxy

Written by admin on 19 January 2009


Super Mario Galaxy should be hearsay best game for the Wii. Whether it was taken from all respects, I did not expect any miracles from other games. A little bit I was afraid of me that this game zklame. I was too afraid. Maybe it is not completely to it in all respects, but as a whole is really the best. Although it is still procházečka as we used for Maria, is not so to complete classics. 3D are given a new dimension. I literally vcucávala game and sometimes I went to almost kotrmelců (no course přeháním), here I am there in combination with the control to bring the state ležmo.


A comprehensive introductory story Nintendo will not forgive, forgive him, unfortunately, neither you, I found a way to jump. The play, however, lets you forget. The game is controlled Wiimotem and nunchukem. A button is jumping, wave Wiimotem is determining the direction of the attack and is nunchukem. This is enough to start. While it may seem that it's just obyč control, after a while I svihal hands ingrained and I Paris.


Mariovo přelétávání from planet to planet is very effective. Various disguises that Mario propůčí different characteristics (eg včelky suit gives Mario the ability to fly). The game contains a great amount of vychytávek I can describe here an hour. What I would but it is mainly to describe the look that you can get while playing. The camera is proposed ingeniously. Neither control nor blbinky of games do not have a great stone as beautiful cinematography and the overall color, while Mariovská graphics, combined with incredible belongs which often forget the time.


So YES, it's probably best to what was expected from nintendo. Someone may even enjoy Wii Fit, someone just 3D 1st person action but this will always be happy to play, try ... ... and not one.

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