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Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition

Written by admin on 10 Jan 2009


Are you afraid to love? Do you like crowds klátících are zombies who return to your kingdom live wish to use properly? Then it is clear that the game Resident Evil nepotkáváte happen ... and even the first time.


The game, which laid the groundwork for the survival horror genre, is coming to Wii in excellent adaptation - the technical processing is again moved upwards and obvious reasons, omitted or left WiiMote control and nunchaku.


In the picture you can see that the Wii control is not fully exploited and taken nothing to being undone. Frosty atmosphere breathes not only from the graphic design but also of sound effects špuičkové level, all accompanied by controls that you do is going on full vtáhne that you want to stop and if so, just because you are so relieved nahromaděnému adrenaline.

This game is not on the Wii nevyzkoušet, most players on the Wii has it in their Top Ten

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