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Boom Blox

Written by admin on 25 Jan 2009


This game was the head of film legend Steven Spielberg. I would rather a game called funny dice where to look. Electronic Artssi this clever idea from the head left and do this and do zábavbnou how best to play. Graphically the game upoutávek me excited, but as we know, screen and video demonstration přehání. Again this is not such a miracle and the game graphically is one of the average. categorize this game is easy, is fun but a logical solečenská.


When the words - from the Spielberg, which týpka what made ETýho, Jurassic Park and the like, he would expect the story, the opposite is true. No story is nekonná. For the creativeness to the game is excellent, the cube-cube-cube and cube again, and the destruction of cubes built věžiček and state. Demolujete either pull the ball or cube, according to what the level allows. And how demolujete? Just Hode (in the case of the ball) or vytáhnutím the cubes (there are other less represented unprecedented challenges).


Rotated with the cube, and tasks. All fun, but after a while you start to feel stereotype that you get up really bad level. Some simply failed and, unfortunately, are deployed cik cak and need them. Despite this game to stand a bit potrápí brain and expand your imagination.


The control will be sufficient WiiMote, a little space and the best bunch of people.

Our Rating: 60%

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Written by admin on 23 Jan 2009


Deca Sports is a game released only in NTSC format for USA, but to me this does not prevent the collection miniher zrecenzovat. Owners chips or hacknutých consoles are not limited to games in PALu.


This collection contains minisportovních disciplines Badminton, Football, Beach Volleyball, Basketball, Archery, Curling, Snowboardcross, Figure Skating, Motocross, and at the end of karts.


The list is decent, plus the sports that mostly sees the Wii. Trailer very attracted to me and so I made the game.

Studio, which vyvynulo game is a little legendary Hudson Soft. It could be argued that to reach that bears the mark of quality. Deca Sports is not the exception, a certain mark of quality can be seen, but not so nejásejme. Although you need not just to dazzle but perhaps to amuse you and to seize the time. This collection of games is managed with style but not much on it helping. There are games and weaker povedenější and control is almost always nedotažené. Menu is at times confusing and podkres music is really stereotypical. . The play is not only needed but often WiiMote and Nunchuck so the multiplayer games is a full set of drivers needed


Badminton - quite playable variations of tennis WiiSports, side view, unfortunately, a little t


Football - quite nicely dressed, unfortunately, very poorly actable football. Thanks to artificial intelligence goalie is almost impossible to give but also get a goal.


Beach Volleyball - nice and playable matter, unfortunately only the first, if you play a while, you come to observe what the other teammates are doing.


Basketball - again nice, but are not nenadchne, once you have a little pozorovatzel with periodic máchnutím WiiMotem


Archery - at least a little change in control, unfortunately the opportunity to influence the accuracy of almost zero ...


Curling - the possibility to influence the direction I knew, but at least blbouni with metačema how they operate.


SnowboardCross-intensive play as Shaun White, keep the comments, it's simply a mini-congress against opponents, only fun when you play in more people.


Figure Skating - this is a really fun issue nunchuckem indicate the direction of travel in a group WiiMotem tricks. The game is not long but to amuse.


Motocross - control similar to Mario Kart, the larger jump regard trick, fun in multiplayer.


Karts - control similar to Mario Kart, skids are saying


Final assessment: 50%

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Mario Kart Wii

Written by admin on 21 Jan 2009


Mario Kart Wii

Racing titles on Wiičko not many, of even less good. In addition to proven apodobně NFS, there is this option, in addition to an excellent, versatile control and damn fun touch. The game also applies možnostž usually one unusual accessory. This wheel (nevolant), that bears the name Wii Wheel.


The game can be played several ways. These are, WiiMotem, Wiimotem + Nunchuckem, drivers from the GameCube or Classic Controler and finally through the Wii Wheel. This equipment can be purchased in a box to play or own (which is good news for players "backed up games." You can buy the original and unofficial version, both for the very pleasant price.


Now I played the value of a few hours (+ - 3). The game is a little child, but the lack of feasibility of replacing chytlavostí, excellent multiplayer, and especially by that damn funny.


I do not want to argue whether the brilliant graphics Wiička but the possibility is really good, old friends Mario and others are cute and their cycles are not a mistake.


There are two races vozítek on various kubaturách, the same applies for the two motors, which are also available. And that's not Mario that's not just plants. It's literally fight, are represented by boxes with a question mark if they pass, you get some advantages, disadvantages, or weapon to destroy enemies, the same opponents are available here and there happens to someone you remove, at least comfortable, is to nas.rající if you have over the whole screen, and oil stains from going blind. (grrrrrrr) opravud Lines are diverse with a large R. Just as the mountain path (literally)


Hen Hééééééééééééén, uWiiiiiii ... ... it's just no chirp. Fun title that should not miss any Wiička owner. If you have a Wii connected to the net .... You get the clouds opponents

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Top Spin 3

Written by admin on 20 Jan 2009


Almost everyone who buys a Wii hit the Wii Sports Tennis and there. After some time will look for another variant, hopes for a better realistic implementation. Whether it is in Top Spin 3 is the number issue.


The game offers many new. The main effort is about the reality. And it is possible stumbling block in this game for the Wii version. On other platforms might be able to ignore many, but the Wii there is an excellent tennis from Wii Sports to do and topspinu very difficult. Top Spin playability is much weaker. Moreover incredibly dead and dry atmosphere to the game as a whole kills. So bad it's not, but discarded the potential developers killed.


Unlike Wii Sports tennis is that playing through nuchuku. This I appreciated but also cursed. Directional lever to nunchuku indicates the direction of movement of players, unfortunately I have too often met with when I wanted to go left and go but the wiimote did not respond to a command to play ball. But he responded very late. game flash reaction to facing a need to anticipate by 2-3 seconds ahead.

This game brings the real name is nice but I can not gnaw it to the Wii is graphically total had over other platforms. Had with a big O.

To summarize, it's disappointing that, although some try again, but really just seem to try.

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Super Mario Galaxy

Written by admin on 19 Jan 2009


Super Mario Galaxy should be hearsay best game for the Wii. Whether it was taken from all aspects, I did not expect any miracles from other games. A little I was afraid of me that this game zklame. I was afraid too. Maybe it is not completely to it in all respects, but as a whole is really the best. Although it is still procházečka as we used for Maria, not to again and complete classic. 3D are given a new dimension. The game literally vcucávala me and sometimes I went to almost kotrmelců (no course přeháním), here there's me, in combination with control leads to a state ležmo.


An extensive introductory story you could forgive Nintendo, unfortunately it will not forgive, I have not found a way to jump. The play, however, lets you forget. The game is controlled Wiimotem and nunchukem. A button is jumping, wave Wiimotem is determining the direction of attack and is nunchukem. This is enough to start. While it may seem that it's just obyč control, after a while I svihal hands and ingrained I Paris.


Mariovo přelétávání from planet to planet is very effective. Various disguises that Mario propůčí different characteristics (such as whole suit gives Mario the ability to fly). The game contains a great amount of vychytávek I could describe here an hour. What I would but it is mainly to describe the look that you can get while playing. The camera is ingeniously proposed. Neither control nor blbinky of the game do the stone like a great camera overall and beautiful color graphics and the Mariovská in combination with incredible belongs which often forget the time.


So YES, it's probably best to what was expected from nintendo. Someone may just enjoy Wii Fit, only one 3D 1st person action but this will always be happy to play, try ... ... and not one.

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Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party

Written by admin on 10 Jan 2009


Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party is probably the first game you can control your ... ass. This is a continuation of Rayman Raving Rabbids with a serial number on the 3rd Rayman skrálíčkovatěl and it's literally traveled.


infatuation králíčci bring up to 50 more poblázněných games. Something that could also remind you not carry out the plot šílenými disciplines such as slalom svištícího rabbit lying on the runway pakoni. In this game boil them on their background Balance Board, so it controls directly as follows.


Breaking down all of the Mini Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party would be very complicated, it must be tested. Graphics are absolutely perfectly cute, traveled, but mostly very funny. All supported by a very wild to do this from a very hot title.

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Shaun White Snowboarding Wii Edition

Written by admin on 10 Jan 2009


A new title in the snowboardových games in the world and the largest response causes the Wii, it's natural to use this console not only plays with his fingers but the whole body. The game arcade is that you have snowboardových her accustomed to the beginning of the game and try to get the hill. Shaun White worked closely with Ubisoft, and sent the people themselves as part of his travel, his playing partner and will travel with him around the world


The gaming consoles over SSX snowboarding, you are great but perhaps it was always the same, here it is vice versa. It's still a game with the topic of snowboarding but thanks novotám it's not only that ...

Wii Ballance Board is used in the game so great that zmnohonásobuje enjoyment of the game. Snowboard races to play as never before, how you swallow it merits Wii and thank the man up to. Very wonderful poježdění, many recreational prkýnkářů about it Mountains nepojede.


(Shaun White demonstrates playing with Balance Board)

Multiplayer options for two to four players at once. There is a possibility that your virtual friends shot and you can then play the virtual recording. Gives prestige and respect, over time ... maybe get at least a virtual reputation as the actual Shaun.

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Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition

Written by admin on 10 Jan 2009


Are you afraid to love? Do you like crowds klátících are zombies who return to your kingdom live wish to use properly? Then it is clear that the game Resident Evil nepotkáváte happen ... and even the first time.


The game, which laid the groundwork for the survival horror genre, is coming to Wii in excellent adaptation - the technical processing is again moved upwards and obvious reasons, omitted or left WiiMote control and nunchaku.


In the picture you can see that the Wii control is not fully exploited and taken nothing to being undone. Frosty atmosphere breathes not only from the graphic design but also of sound effects špuičkové level, all accompanied by controls that you do is going on full vtáhne that you want to stop and if so, just because you are so relieved nahromaděnému adrenaline.

This game is not on the Wii nevyzkoušet, most players on the Wii has it in their Top Ten

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Wii Play

Written by admin on 10 Jan 2009


Wii Play is a set of 9 games, the game is currently available for purchase with a second Wiimote, it is a rather exhaustive collection of games, ie games that demonstrate the possibilities Wiimotu. It is not, although the 3D games but that does not mean they are bad. Mini-largest group of people to seize a long time. Nintendo knows and adheres to adages "strength is in simplicity." Although not in any way genílní games, certainly entertain.


First minihry is shooting at a target. It's a bit retro, but in two it's fun.


The second is minihry postřehovka where mii search by entering the characters, you can search for two identical mii, or the fastest moving, the characters sometimes move, run the escalators, and sometimes it is difficult to find the ..


Third minihry is a Ping-Pong, to him, I enjoyed very, unfortunately, I won disappointment, I expect something similar to the Tennis WiiSports. Unfortunately not. Control is completely different and not too practical.


The fourth is a demonstration of shooting minihry WiiMotem. You have the task to shoot mii characters to the correct angle that sat in the bubble.


Fifth minihry is Laser Hockey, the real potential to know as airhockey.


Sixth minihry room is surprisingly well-made.


Seventh minihry is fishing, although it is very unrealistic but it is not a bad idea, unfortunately, playability is not as fully povedená.


Eighth minihry are quite entertaining races. Ride on cows and control direction of travel Wiimotu shooting. You have the task to hit as many obstacles to spook and jump (škubnutím WiiMotem top). Standard races are one of the funniest games of this miniserie.


Last is the ninth game duel tanks, need this game and nunchuck. This where you control a tank will determine Wiimotem km tank will shoot.


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Wii Sports

Written by admin on 09 Jan 2009


Wii Sports is included with the purchase of packaging záklaního Wii. To get such a game that is truly invaluable. Even if you have for a long time had nothing else, you will not regret it. Wii Sports uhranuly the whole world. This is a package 5 sporting events or games up to 4 players.


The first is about the sport nejchytlavější, ie Tennis. This is minihry drive. We played no now about hundreds of "matches" but still neomrzela. The game is not very realistic but that is probably its charm. You play with your mii and won the game when you improve if you lose, you may deduct the score, if close, you can get small bodíky. Since the levels, ie from 1000 opponents in total points are interesting and Lecker exchange you pretty stretched.


The second is minihry Baseball. Minihry This will allow you to bowl and odpalovat as in real baseball, you only care whether Wiimote chained to the hands, in this game lítá perhaps the most out of your hand.


Third minihry is Bowling. You have several options, and then vrhnutí itself, the game is suitable for more players, the player itself but also have fun.


The fourth is minihry Golf. Dospozici K are 3 and 9 hole golf course with three levels of difficulty, playability is fantastic and should be nacvičíte good sweep for a real golf.


The fifth is minihry Box.

Last minihry is very funny and can probably take most as far as physically. As the only game in WiiSports to play with wiiMote and Nunchuckem. Pretty in each hand and both hands šermujete life. If you play with a friend, you'll see that it's damn funny.


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