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Chip for the Nintendo Wii

Posted on 24 January 2009 by admin

Chipování is illegal but unfortunately / fortunately normal (unfortunately for her, and fortunately the manufacturer for the user). Even this part can not homebrew minout.Jednou he and the other is Chip (on the other I do not know). The consequences associated with the use of Chip the bear at your own risk. Nobody you to do nenabádá. On the contrary, rather discourage. Installation of Chip means loss of guarantee. Although you can install Chip and uninstall any that do so are not anything but with this option don. Unofficial interference in hardware is formally equal to the loss of warranty. If you do zainvestujete chip, you need this count. Nintendo of course, with the company by firing her fights. With few exceptions they are all bad like all good and Nintendo fought in vain, but the effort must have. It is said that one chip is better than another. Among those exceptions are bad cyclone, ninjaa further, to the old chips and as often happens, the first chips to flies.

The (hopefully) usable chips are D2Pro9 v3 (red edge of the bevel), D4Pro (red rectangular), wasabi V3 (green), WiiKey 2 (blue)



Chipování me personally leave untouched, so I lay. My only experience is communication with the man who assembles chips. The price per chip installation (including chip) is the 2500th It was a wasabi chip Zero firmware 1.4. (which is probably the successor V3) The chip price is around $ 50 + postage from tramtárie

Some useful links

disassembly Wii>>

chip wasabi page>>

details of all the chip>>

Forum chipování>>

spřátelený web on Wii Hacking>> (Czech)

As I have already mentioned, regarding the chips I lay if I said something in error, please correct me

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