Boom Blox

Written by admin on 25 Jan 2009


This game was the head of film legend Steven Spielberg. I would rather a game called funny dice where to look. Electronic Artssi this clever idea from the head left and do this and do zábavbnou how best to play. Graphically the game upoutávek me excited, but as we know, screen and video demonstration přehání. Again this is not such a miracle and the game graphically is one of the average. categorize this game is easy, is fun but a logical solečenská.


When the words - from the Spielberg, which týpka what made ETýho, Jurassic Park and the like, he would expect the story, the opposite is true. No story is nekonná. For the creativeness to the game is excellent, the cube-cube-cube and cube again, and the destruction of cubes built věžiček and state. Demolujete either pull the ball or cube, according to what the level allows. And how demolujete? Just Hode (in the case of the ball) or vytáhnutím the cubes (there are other less represented unprecedented challenges).


Rotated with the cube, and tasks. All fun, but after a while you start to feel stereotype that you get up really bad level. Some simply failed and, unfortunately, are deployed cik cak and need them. Despite this game to stand a bit potrápí brain and expand your imagination.


The control will be sufficient WiiMote, a little space and the best bunch of people.

Our Rating: 60%

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