Written by admin on 23 Jan 2009


Deca Sports is a game released only in NTSC format for USA, but to me this does not prevent the collection miniher zrecenzovat. Owners chips or hacknutých consoles are not limited to games in PALu.


This collection contains minisportovních disciplines Badminton, Football, Beach Volleyball, Basketball, Archery, Curling, Snowboardcross, Figure Skating, Motocross, and at the end of karts.


The list is decent, plus the sports that mostly sees the Wii. Trailer very attracted to me and so I made the game.

Studio, which vyvynulo game is a little legendary Hudson Soft. It could be argued that to reach that bears the mark of quality. Deca Sports is not the exception, a certain mark of quality can be seen, but not so nejásejme. Although you need not just to dazzle but perhaps to amuse you and to seize the time. This collection of games is managed with style but not much on it helping. There are games and weaker povedenější and control is almost always nedotažené. Menu is at times confusing and podkres music is really stereotypical. . The play is not only needed but often WiiMote and Nunchuck so the multiplayer games is a full set of drivers needed


Badminton - quite playable variations of tennis WiiSports, side view, unfortunately, a little t


Football - quite nicely dressed, unfortunately, very poorly actable football. Thanks to artificial intelligence goalie is almost impossible to give but also get a goal.


Beach Volleyball - nice and playable matter, unfortunately only the first, if you play a while, you come to observe what the other teammates are doing.


Basketball - again nice, but are not nenadchne, once you have a little pozorovatzel with periodic máchnutím WiiMotem


Archery - at least a little change in control, unfortunately the opportunity to influence the accuracy of almost zero ...


Curling - the possibility to influence the direction I knew, but at least blbouni with metačema how they operate.


SnowboardCross-intensive play as Shaun White, keep the comments, it's simply a mini-congress against opponents, only fun when you play in more people.


Figure Skating - this is a really fun issue nunchuckem indicate the direction of travel in a group WiiMotem tricks. The game is not long but to amuse.


Motocross - control similar to Mario Kart, the larger jump regard trick, fun in multiplayer.


Karts - control similar to Mario Kart, skids are saying


Final assessment: 50%

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