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Mario Kart Wii

Written by admin on 21 Jan 2009


Mario Kart Wii

Racing titles on Wiičko not many, of even less good. In addition to proven apodobně NFS, there is this option, in addition to an excellent, versatile control and damn fun touch. The game also applies možnostž usually one unusual accessory. This wheel (nevolant), that bears the name Wii Wheel.


The game can be played several ways. These are, WiiMotem, Wiimotem + Nunchuckem, drivers from the GameCube or Classic Controler and finally through the Wii Wheel. This equipment can be purchased in a box to play or own (which is good news for players "backed up games." You can buy the original and unofficial version, both for the very pleasant price.


Now I played the value of a few hours (+ - 3). The game is a little child, but the lack of feasibility of replacing chytlavostí, excellent multiplayer, and especially by that damn funny.


I do not want to argue whether the brilliant graphics Wiička but the possibility is really good, old friends Mario and others are cute and their cycles are not a mistake.


There are two races vozítek on various kubaturách, the same applies for the two motors, which are also available. And that's not Mario that's not just plants. It's literally fight, are represented by boxes with a question mark if they pass, you get some advantages, disadvantages, or weapon to destroy enemies, the same opponents are available here and there happens to someone you remove, at least comfortable, is to nas.rající if you have over the whole screen, and oil stains from going blind. (grrrrrrr) opravud Lines are diverse with a large R. Just as the mountain path (literally)


Hen Hééééééééééééén, uWiiiiiii ... ... it's just no chirp. Fun title that should not miss any Wiička owner. If you have a Wii connected to the net .... You get the clouds opponents

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