Shaun White Snowboarding Wii Edition

Written by admin on 10 Jan 2009


A new title in the snowboardových games in the world and the largest response causes the Wii, it's natural to use this console not only plays with his fingers but the whole body. The game arcade is that you have snowboardových her accustomed to the beginning of the game and try to get the hill. Shaun White worked closely with Ubisoft, and sent the people themselves as part of his travel, his playing partner and will travel with him around the world


The gaming consoles over SSX snowboarding, you are great but perhaps it was always the same, here it is vice versa. It's still a game with the topic of snowboarding but thanks novotám it's not only that ...

Wii Ballance Board is used in the game so great that zmnohonásobuje enjoyment of the game. Snowboard races to play as never before, how you swallow it merits Wii and thank the man up to. Very wonderful poježdění, many recreational prkýnkářů about it Mountains nepojede.


(Shaun White demonstrates playing with Balance Board)

Multiplayer options for two to four players at once. There is a possibility that your virtual friends shot and you can then play the virtual recording. Gives prestige and respect, over time ... maybe get at least a virtual reputation as the actual Shaun.

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