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Top Spin 3

Written by admin on 20 Jan 2009


Almost everyone who buys a Wii hit the Wii Sports Tennis and there. After some time will look for another variant, hopes for a better realistic implementation. Whether it is in Top Spin 3 is the number issue.


The game offers many new. The main effort is about the reality. And it is possible stumbling block in this game for the Wii version. On other platforms might be able to ignore many, but the Wii there is an excellent tennis from Wii Sports to do and topspinu very difficult. Top Spin playability is much weaker. Moreover incredibly dead and dry atmosphere to the game as a whole kills. So bad it's not, but discarded the potential developers killed.


Unlike Wii Sports tennis is that playing through nuchuku. This I appreciated but also cursed. Directional lever to nunchuku indicates the direction of movement of players, unfortunately I have too often met with when I wanted to go left and go but the wiimote did not respond to a command to play ball. But he responded very late. game flash reaction to facing a need to anticipate by 2-3 seconds ahead.

This game brings the real name is nice but I can not gnaw it to the Wii is graphically total had over other platforms. Had with a big O.

To summarize, it's disappointing that, although some try again, but really just seem to try.

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